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Welcome to Cinq, everyone’s favorite online store. We’ve got great deals available on a selection of our newest Ready to eat Dishes and Specials.

All our dishes and selected homemade Items are prepared in-house once your  order is placed, packaged in our 100% Compostable produced material which is Oven, Microwaveable  and Freezer Proof,then is ready for pick up or delivered to our participating suppliers who will deliver to you that same day.


All our Ready to eat Dishes arrive to you Vacuumed packed, Labeled and please see our ingredient, Allegens and  information sheet, which is  online for your Information.

We also guarantee a production date which is  on the label so please consume within 3 days of opening the vacuumed item....

  or keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

All our ready to eat dishes come with a removable lid which can be used also in the oven/ microwave.

Join our Loyalty Program and receive  10% discount on all orders over £70.00